Ferrin Cabin

Nightly Rates:

  • $99 May - August
  • $84 September - December & March - April
  • $69 January - February
Sleeps 2 (1 King bed)


  • Kitchenette
  • Walk in Shower, Towels, and Soap
  • Air/Heat
  • Satellite TV
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Coin operated laundry

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The Ferrin is a cozy little cabin perfect for newlyweds, couples celebrating an anniversary, or simply a romantic getaway! Features a king bed as well as a kitchenette equipped with a stove, microwave, small refrigerator, and sink. The bathroom has a walk-in shower.



The Ferrin Cabin was built by Charles Leroy Ferrin.

"I am Charles Leroy Ferrin. I was born in Eden, Utah, June 2, 1880. I married Della Rose Walker June 5, 1901, in the Salt Lake Temple. She was the granddaughter of Edward Robertson Walker, who owned land in Block 3 of Barnett Addition, Nauvoo, Illinois, Oct. 27, 1843.

Ferrin cabin from Lyman, Wyoming

Charles Leroy Ferrin and Della Rose Ferrin

Three days after our marriage we took all of our earthly belongings, which consisted of a few chickens, a cow, a few household items, a team of horses, and a wagon and headed to Lyman, Wyoming. It took us the better part of a week to make the 120 mile trip.

When we arrived in Lyman, it was a real struggle to find the materials needed to put up a one room log home with a dirt floor. Together we cleared the land of sagebrush and were able to get some crops planted that year.

We were blessed with five children, the oldest was Floyd, then Leo and Marvin, then our only daughter, Lyda, and then Sheridan.

It was not too long before the log house was too small, so we built a larger home. Sometime around 1913 we bought a lot in Lyman and moved a house on it. The family would move into town in the winter so the children could go to school because it was hard to get around in the winter. 

Lyman Ward Chapel
Our first car was a second-hand Model T Ford. Money was hard to come by and I traded J. W. Slade cedar posts for the car.

Around 1928 I went to work for Superintendent Thomas J. Brough at the Experimental Farm for 30 cents an hour, as it was harder and harder to make a living on the ranch. Because of the Depression, wages were cut to 25 cents an hour. I did a little of everything on the Experimental Farm, milking cows, taking care of the hogs, sorting potatoes, hauling manure, cleaning seed, and plowing the fields.

Around 1937 I quit the farm and went to work for the LDS Church as a full time janitor in the Lyman Ward Chapel." (He died in an auto accident July 23, 1947.)

Three brothers of Della Rose Walker Ferrin, John, Charles, and Levi Walker, also left Eden, Utah, to homestead in Lyman, Wyoming. Levi Walker and his wife, Amelia Jane Grow, owned the ranch joining Charles and

Della Walker Ferrin. Levi and Amelia had 16 children. After Amelia's untimely death, Levi married Katie Guild, a woman who had been abandoned by her husband, leaving her with 3 sons. Together, Levi and Katie had 2 more children, making a total of 21.

Levi and Amelia Walker Family:
Leo starts off his life history with the words, "I was born in a log cabin." As Paul Bate and I were working on dismantling this cabin, Don Ferrin arrived. He proceeded to tell us his father, Leo, was born in this cabin and gave us many pages of history and many pictures related to this cabin. The sheep shears, double tree, and other antique items displayed in the cabin were Leo's. His son, Don Ferrin, generously donated these items. Leo was an expert sheep shearer and won many a contest using these shears.

Levi and Amelia Walker Family

Graduation picture of Leo Ferrin who was born in this cabin